Brickell vs Kiehl’s: Which Is Better?

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Looking for the best men’s skincare brand for your next splurge?

Brickell and Kiehl’s are just right at the corner. Though there are dozens of brands out there, most are either too expensive or not effective enough.

Some are downright harmful to your skin. If you’re spending money to buy skincare, you need the best.

Going by the reviews of users on both Brickell and Kiehl’s, both seem to have affordable lines to choose from.

They also seem to have successful products that are popular. But how can you choose between the two? What are the differences you should keep in mind?

Find out in this article:

Brickell vs Kiehl’s: Brand Overviews

About Brickell

It’s no doubt that Brickell is a men’s skincare company with a focus on natural products.

The brand is widely popular among men who love to use products from chemicals that can jeopardize their health.

Men’s skin generally has a different makeup than that of women. It is thicker and has more hair, although may have fewer problems to deal with.

That’s why a dedicated men’s brand like Brickell is necessary for anyone willing to take good care of their skin.

About Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s has been around for several decades. The brand has products for both men and women. And as a result, has garnered a larger following, compared to Brickell.

The brand has at least 1 million Instagram followers, which means it’s well known among men and women.

It’s safe to safe that their products lines are more comprehensive but may not be as focused as those of Brickell.

Brickell vs Kiehl’s: The Differences

Target Audience

For Brickell, the target audience is just men. Kiehl’s, on the other hand, is a men’s and women’s brand.

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Although both brands formulate products that help solve known skincare problems like wrinkles and dull and uneven skin tone, you’ll likely gravitate towards Brickell if you love men-only skincare.

Both brands focus on natural and organic products, so if that’s your thing, then you’ll find enough problems from both to choose from.


Although Kiehl’s and Brickell’s product lines are similar, Brickell seems to offer a more extensive collection.

You can find skincare, haircare, body care, and even skincare routine maintenance.

Kiehl’s, though offering products for men and women, mostly sell face and body products.

This includes serums, moisturizers, face washes, and eye creams.

The most popular Kiehl’s face wash is the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash.

This gel is for only men and comes with ingredients like extracts of lemon and orange, menthol, vitamin E and caffeine.

Other popular products include Calendula & Aloe Sooth Mask, Calendula Deep Foaming Cleansing Face Wash, Age Defender Eye Repair and Ultimate Strength Hand Salve.

Brickell, on the other hand, has the Daily Essential Face Moisturizer, which is quite popular among men.

Brickell Clarifying Gel Face Wash is also very popular among users with many positive reviews.

Most users note they have seen good results from using both products. This also includes the Renewing Face Scrub and Daily Essential Moisturizer.


Most of Kiehl’s products are natural and organic, which include beech tree extract, jasmonic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, cocoa butter, and coconut oil.

This is found in many of Kiehl’s products. Hyaluronic acid and caffeine regularly occur in the brand’s ingredient list too.

Brickell isn’t bad in this category too as the brand tries to avoid common ingredients like parabens, phthalates, fragrances, and other questionable ingredients found in most men grooming products.

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The Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer, for example, contains green tea extract, jojoba oil, DMAE, leaf juice, and rooibos extract. All of these natural ingredients.

Others include willow bark extract, niacinamide, and hyaluronic, all of which are humectants that provide hydration to the skin.

The Costs

Though they’re both premium brands, Kiehl’s is generally more expensive than Brickell.

Since Brickell is focused on men’s grooming alone, it’s easy to see a suitable product that isn’t too expensive for your skin.

Kiehl’s products are all over the place. So, if their most popular product is too expensive for you, you may not find an alternative from Kiehl’s easily.

Brickell Daily Essential Moisturizer vs Kiehl’s Facial Fuel

These two moisturizers are the most popular by both Brickell and Kiehl’s. And they exemplify other products you may want to purchase from each brand.


In terms of price, both are listed for the same price on the official website. The Kiehl’s Facial Fuel will cost you $35, which is the same price as the Brickell Daily Essential.

While checking other platforms like Amazon, I found the Kiehl’s to be more expensive.

It’s close to 50 bucks on Amazon at the time of writing.

You’ll do better by ordering directly from the brand. You’ll also be able to if you subscribe for their monthly subscription.

Customer Reviews

At the time of this writing, there are over 1000 reviews of the Brickell Daily Essential with a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, which is highly positive in our book.

The Facial Fuel, on the other, has only about 285 reviews with a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

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As you can see, the Brickell Daily Essential is more popular and even has a higher rating despite the number of reviews being higher.

Most of these are reviews from men who have used the product.


In terms of size, the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel comes in 2.5 oz, 4.2 oz, and 6.8 oz tubes. While Brickell is available in 2 oz and 4 oz tubes.

The 4 oz tube of Brickell costs $35 while Kiehl’s 4.2 oz costs $35 also. That gives Kiehl’s a slight edge…but not much, as you can see.


One thing I like most about Kiehl’s Facial Fuel is that it has sunscreen protection.

So, if you’re in the sun a lot, it’ll give you better protection than the Brickell Daily Cleanser, thanks to the 15 SPF content.

However, the Brickell Moisturizer has fewer ingredients, most of which are natural and organic.

It doesn’t contain ingredients like silicones, PEGs, tea, fragrance, color, phthalates, parabens, etc. if you like to avoid those.

Kiehl’s on the other hand has a long list of ingredients which has culprits like alcohol, parfum (fragrance), and a few others. I believe Brickell wins in terms of quality ingredients.


Both brands are quite good, with extensive lines to pick from.

I’ll say Brickell has an edge if you’re looking for a brand with only men’s products. You’re probably going to like their products more.

Kiehl’s is also good and quite affordable too. But isn’t as popular among men as Brickell.

So, you may not even get accurate reviews from men who’ve actually used their products and loved/hated them.

I’d say their mid-end products have similar prices but expect price variations at the higher-end.

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