Dr. Squatch vs Bearsville: Which Brand Should You Choose?

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Bearsville and Dr. Squatch are both premium American men grooming brands. These brands sell moisturizers, deodorant, beard oil, shampoo bars, cologne, and many more dedicated to just men.

They are better known for their bar soaps; not many of the other products in these categories are as popular.

If you’re not sure which of them you should pick for your next bar soap, then read this comparison review to the end.

In this article, I’ll be comparing the quality of their soaps, differences, and similarities so you can see which one is better and make an informed buying decision.

Dr. Squatch vs Bearsville: The Differences


In terms of popularity, Bearsville is a lot smaller than Dr. Squatch. The brand doesn’t have the same recognition as Dr. Squatch maybe because it doesn’t advertise enough.

So, when you ask people, you’re likely to only hear about the likes of Duke Cannon, Dr. Squatch and the rest of the popular ones.

One thing I’ve found about Dr. Squatch is that there are dozens of reviews already. You can even ask friends and they’ll be able to tell you something about the brand.

This way, it’s easy to decide if the brand is for you or not based on the information. But when a brand isn’t as well known, like Bearsville, it may be difficult getting adequate reviews on the brand.

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Your only option is to buy and try (which can sometimes be costly).

Does this mean that Bearsville isn’t good? Far from it. The brand is great and loved by those who use it. To help you decide, here are a few more differences between them:

Scents Varieties

When you look through the site, you’ll see that both brands have a lot of scents to choose from.

I counted up to 22 scents from the Dr. Squatch website and 29 scents from Bearsville Soaps. That means, on average, you have more scents to choose from with Bearsville.

That doesn’t mean it has a better scent collection but in terms of what you can get, you have more options.

In addition to that, the scents are all different. The scents from both brands wouldn’t feel or smell the same. So, even if you find a favorite from Dr. Squatch, you’ll still have to look for one from Bearsville too.

When it comes to recommending scents, it’s very difficult. I’ve seen some people noting that they love the pine tar out of all the varieties they’ve tried from Dr. S and heartily recommend it.

Then another person comes out and claims it’s not a big deal and doesn’t like it. Also, some people would try a specific scent from a brand, hate it, and then try another, and like it.

So, you have to actually try a few until you can decide which one is for you.


I couldn’t find Bearsville soap on Amazon, Walmart, or Target, except on the official site. So, it looks like you’ll have to order directly from the website.

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Dr. Squatch, on the other hand, is available on the brand’s website as well as on Amazon, Walmart, and other popular eCommerce stores.

That means it’ll be far easier to get yourself a Dr. Squatch bar soap than a Bearsville bar soap.

I believe when your options are limited, you can’t get exactly what you like?


On average, most Dr. Squatch bar soap costs $7 while Bearsville bar soap costs $8 exclusive of shipping.

Even the most popular scents from Dr. Squatch, such as bay rum, pine tar, costs $7. You can see that Bearsville soap is slightly expensive.

Most of the other brands I’ve seen are cheaper than Dr. Squatch even Duke Cannon.

This is the first time I’m seeing a brand that’s more expensive, which is a little surprising considering that Bearsville isn’t as popular as Dr. Squatch or any of the other brands I’m talking about.

It’s important to note that the price quoted here is for the soap only. You’ll be charged a shipping fee too, so your total cost will likely be higher.

Reviews on Both Brands

There are not a lot of reviews on Bearsville, honestly. The brand seems like a specialty brand that is own known by a few and is followed by a secret group of people.

Dr. Squatch, on the other hand, is well-known and popular. The reviews on both brands are generally positive. However, there is a lot of bashing of Dr. Squatch because of the brand’s price.

Now, Bearsville is more expensive. So, I wonder if that’s going to change the narrative somehow?

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Dr. Squatch vs Bearsville: Similarities


Each bar of soap from both brands weighs 5 oz.

Some users have been complaining that the soaps don’t weigh up to that when scaled. But according to the information from both brands, you should be getting 5 oz…nothing less.

Made in the USA

Both brands are manufactured in the United States, so you can expect high quality. There is a slight difference in there though. While Bearsville manufactures its soap, Dr. Squatch is generally a reseller.

The brand puts some branding on their products though, so even if you order directly from their supplier, the experience may not be the same. Ask people who’ve tried that.


Both brands are cruelty-free. They both use natural oils and natural ingredients in their soap. They also claimed their products are free from parabens, GMOs, and harsh chemicals.

Bearsville claims to be vegan but Dr. Squatch isn’t and so doesn’t claim to be one. I’ve not confirmed the claim of Bearsville being vegan.


Both brands are offering subscription bundle that helps you save. You can choose to subscribe and get a bundle during checkout and save a bit on the total order.

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