Gold Bond Ultimate Powder Discontinued: Any Alternatives?

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Is the Gold Bond Ultimate Powder discontinued? No, the Gold Bond Ultimate Powder is still in production.

Gold Bond hasn’t stopped producing it and you can find it on the website along with other online stores like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. As with all products, it may eventually come to a time it’ll no longer be produced.

But as of now, it hasn’t joined the ranks of other products Gold Bond has discontinued. In this article, you’ll learn if truly the powder has been discontinued and possible alternatives you can start considering now.

What Exactly Is the Gold Bond Ultimate Powder

The Gold Bond Ultimate is a powder that comes in a 10 oz bottle, formulated for keeping the body dry and free from bad odors.

It’s designed to be used by both males and females and is free from talc.

The powder contains a blend of vitamins E, A, C, which helps to nourish the skin and reduce odor-causing moisture from lingering on the skin.

The formula also features chamomile and aloe, which reduces skin irritation. You can use it on your arms, back, feet, and torso. It’s safe and gentle on the skin, which is great if you have sensitive skin. The

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Gold Bond Ultimate Powder Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives out there that you can invest in. Not all will be as good as the Ultimate Powder or be affordable, but at least you have a replacement or even something else to try when you want to.

From the same brand, you can also look at the Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder, Gold Bond Ultimate Powder Spray and the Gold Bond Body Powder Spray.

There is also Equate Medicated Body Powder, Sandalwood Scented Body Dusting Powder

What Other Products Has Gold Bond Discontinued?

There are a couple of other products that Gold Bond has discontinued in the past. Fortunately, these are not many. One of them is the Gold Bond Sheen Ribbons and Gold Bond Baby Powder.

Gillette, for example, has discontinued a lot of products. Some of which are favorites to thousands of people and some are best sellers. So, you can at least feel at least with your favorite products from the brand.

Did Gold Bond Stop Using Talc?

In the past, many Gold Bond products contain talc, which is an ingredient you’ll find in adult powders.

Although there hasn’t been any study that effectively links talc to cancer, most people are afraid it might be risky.

So, Gold Bond substituted cornstarch powder in its place, making their products safer for everyone.

Is Gold Bond Ultimate Body Powder safe?

Why not? The powder is safe not just for adults but also for teens too. The powder contains safe ingredients that do not pose any harm to the skin.

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It’s even rated by some independent organizations to be safe.

It’s free from the usual list of gluten, paraben, lanolin, oil, dye, nickel, topical antibiotic, MCI/MI, soy, and propylene glycol.

Where to Buy Gold Bond Ultimate Body Powder

As mentioned before, several sites are carrying it. You can shop for it on Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, eBay, etc. Note that this is a short selection of those that may have it in stock.

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  1. All gold bond without talc is trash. Have corn starch at home you might as well use that with menthol.

  2. I have looked at all stores in my area (Hernando MS) and find other Gold Bond powders but never do they have the Gold Bond Ultimate with aloe and Chamomile. WHY???????? Please help! Thank you 🙏

    1. The only explanation might be that they have discontinued it. I checked Amazon, Walmart, Riteaid, etc., and they don’t have it. It’s unavailable everywhere.

    1. Well, we all often have to wonder! Sometimes though, these brands would have a good reason. But many times, no reason. That’s why some brands return the products or slightly reformulate the formula.