Is Native Deodorant Good? What Do Prior Users Say?

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There is nothing worse than smelling like body odor once you’ve finished half of your workday. Once this happens, you’re going to worry that your coworkers and customers are going to smell you. Unfortunately, people may develop a bad opinion of you and this could negatively impact your performance at work. Wearing reliable deodorant is vital so you don’t have to worry about smelling awful throughout the day. The only problem is that the shelves are oversaturated making it difficult to know which deodorant brands are best.

For many modern consumers, it is best to purchase safe, cruelty-free brands such as Native. The brand offers unique benefits that will put the buyer’s mind at ease while ensuring that they’re going to receive all-day production. Is deodorant from Native good?


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Introducing Native

Before buying any product, it is wise to learn more about the company and its founder. Doing so can help you determine whether you want to support the company in question. Some companies have a reputation for producing products using potentially harmful chemicals so it is best to stay away from them. Proper research can help you avoid these issues. Native likely aligns with your preferences because the company strives to deliver safe, effective deodorants to consumers around the world. The brand was founded by Moiz Ali after he looked at the label on your antiperspirant and found that it contained aluminum. His curiosity led him to discover that the ingredient could be harmful so he set out to create a clean deodorant that people could trust.

Now, Native has become popular for selling aluminum-free deodorants that don’t harm the environment or animals. Consumers also purchase Native deodorants because the company is transparent. It doesn’t try to hide the ingredients it uses in its products because it has nothing to hide. It refuses to use products that might be harmful to its customers. Still, this doesn’t mean that Native deodorant is good for everyone.

Minimal Environment Impact

One thing that makes Native deodorant good is the fact that you won’t have to second guess your purchase. When you purchase other antiperspirants, you’re likely going to be concerned about the things going on behind the scenes. You may worry that the company is doing things that could hurt the environment. It might be mining to obtain vital ingredients. Alternatively, it could be using production methods that are releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Native aims to avoid these issues while protecting the environment to the fullest. It understands that plastic is not perfect so it tries to avoid using this ingredient when possible. The deodorants from Native are created using naturally-derived safe ingredients so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to anything harmful. Furthermore, the company refuses to test its products on animals. It takes a cruelty-free approach to test its products by using human volunteers.

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The products are also vegan making them great for people living that lifestyle. Native stands alone as being one of the most ardent protectors of the environment.

American Based

Another reason to consider purchasing Native deodorant is its American operations. The company’s founder Moiz Ali founded the company in San Francisco. More important, all products made by Native are crafted in the United States. If you’re looking for high-quality, American-made deodorants, you cannot overlook the offerings from Native. Thanks to its feature, you will receive long-lasting deodorants in durable containers. You’ll receive the best products made in the United States.

American companies face more scrutiny than companies in other areas. Manufacturing companies in the United States have to follow specific guidelines to ensure that consumers are not going to be exposed to dangerous products. Native follows these guidelines so its products are going to be safe.

Native Protects Consumers

Native goes to great lengths to ensure that it is selling the most effective products. Furthermore, it strives to give its customers extra peace of mind. One way it achieves this goal is by creating the safest products without using any dangerous ingredients. Many deodorants contain aluminum and parabens. Unfortunately, both could be harmful. If you want to take steps to protect yourself and maintain good health, you should avoid buying products that contain aluminum or parabens.

Native deodorants are sometimes recommended for this reason since these products do not contain harmful ingredients. The cruelty-free formulas are free of parabens and aluminum. As a result, you can freely use Native deodorants without having to worry about hurting your health. Even if you use Native every day, you shouldn’t experience any long-term effects.

Many Satisfied Customers

Many people have purchased and used Native deodorants. While there have been many complaints over the years, most of the reviews are positive. Ultimately, this should tell you a lot about the company and the quality of its products. If you’re eager to buy great deodorants, you should read reviews and only buy products with outstanding reviews. Native fits into this group since it has received more than 55,000 5-star reviews.

If these customers were happy, there is a good chance that you will be too. A lot of prior customers are happy that they can finally use a safe, aluminum-free deodorant that works well. Others prefer the smell and the way it protects them from body odor. If you’re not satisfied, you can guarantee that Native will do everything it can to change that. The company will rectify the situation so don’t hesitate to contact them.

Scents For All

If you’re going to buy deodorant at your local big box store, you’ll have many options to choose from. However, you may have difficulty finding the specific scent that you want. After all, most companies only have three or four fragrances. People looking for unique fragrances will have to use the Internet to find what they’re looking for. Native can likely satisfy your needs because it has a wide selection of deodorants with unique fragrances. Each deodorant is created using ingredients that consumers know and understand such as Shea butter, baking soda, and coconut oil.

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Depending on what you like, you may choose Lump of Coal, Sugar Cookie, Tie-Dye Vanilla Cupcake, Sea Salt & Cedar, or the Buttercream & French Vanilla fragrance. Either way, Native has a massive selection of scented deodorants making it easy to find what will satisfy you. If you’re having difficulty deciding which to buy, you should build a deodorant pack. Pick three fragrances to buy and save money too.

This is a good option for newcomers who are eager to experiment with the company’s offerings.

Suitable For Your Skin Type

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll quickly realize that some deodorants are too strong for you. Unfortunately, these products are going to cause breakouts, rashes, and other issues. Is this something you deal with regularly when switching to a new antiperspirant? Well, you may want to change to Native deodorant because the company has products designed to accommodate people with different skin types. It has several categories so you can easily find which products are best for people with sensitive skin.

First, you can pick regular deodorants. The company’s regular deodorants use magnesium hydroxide and baking soda to keep the user smelling fresh without using aluminum, talc, or phthalates. Products in this category are best for people without skin sensitivity issues. Alternatively, you can purchase plastic-free deodorants. You’ll receive the same great formula, but you’re taking another step toward protecting the environment.

The plastic-free deodorants from Native feature unique packages without plastic. These deodorants are available in sensitive and regular blends. Finally, people with skin issues should browse the company’s sensitive deodorants. These deodorants do not contain baking soda making them a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Even though the formulas are still powerful and effective, they’re not going to cause skin irritation, rashes, or other problems.

No More Stains

Is Native deodorant good? It is common for people to question this since the brand is gaining attention around the world. Truthfully, the company’s deodorants offer unique benefits with a few minor drawbacks. It is essential to consider both before finalizing your order. One issue associated with conventional deodorants is that they can leave a nasty residue and eventually stain your shirts. The formula will spread to your shirts and leave a stain that cannot be removed. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen because clothes are not cheap.

If this is something you’re worried about, you will likely be happy with Native deodorants. The formulas are designed to leave little to no residue on the user’s shirts. You will still be able to see the powder under your arms, but it shouldn’t transfer to your t-shirt.

Does It Last?

Certain antiperspirants are not going to last throughout the day. This can be problematic for people who have to work eight or more hours. Before they know it, their underarms will begin sweating and they’ll develop hideous body odor. Deodorant is supposed to stop this from happening, but many products won’t cut it. What about Native deodorants? Are these products strong enough to keep the user fresh throughout the day? This is one of the biggest factors to consider when buying a new antiperspirant. Make sure it is going to last so you won’t stink at work.

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Most prior users have praised this company’s products for keeping them fresh all day. Some claim that the deodorant provides them with 24-hour protection before they have to apply more. Suffice to say, this should be sufficient for most users. The results may vary if you have to work outside in 90-degree temperatures.

Does It Smell Good?

The scent is an important factor when picking deodorant. While countless scents might be available from Native, you are likely concerned about whether they’ll smell great. Are you likely going to enjoy the fragrances or will they be overwhelming enough to give you a migraine? Native’s deodorants have light scents that aren’t too powerful. Once you’ve applied a generous amount to your underarms, the scent will be barely noticeable. It won’t overwhelm you or cover up any cologne you’re wearing.

Users also agree that the fragrances smell great for the most part. Just remember that there are countless fragrances available and each is different. You may hate some of them and love others.

Are There Any Cons?

Most users agree that Native deodorants are great in most categories, but there are still certain legitimate complaints. Some users claim that the antiperspirant didn’t help nullify their body odor. Each user is different so there is a chance that it may not well work for you. As for others, this could be the best deodorant. Certain variations from the company may not apply smoothly. The deodorant may feel chalky when it is applied to your underarms. Another issue regularly mentioned is that some people have developed rashes and pimples when using Native deodorants.

It might clog the user’s pores causing them to develop these problems. Again, this issue isn’t common even though it can happen. In most cases, refunds are offered to unsatisfied customers so the risks are minimal. Finally, most consumers will immediately notice that Native deodorant is slightly costlier than what they’re used to paying for other deodorants. The price point may cause you to reconsider purchasing these products, but you have to realize that some products are worth paying more for.

Since there is little to lose, you should try Native deodorant to see if it works well for you.

Is Native Deodorant Good? – Summary

At the end of the day, Native deodorant has developed a popular following among consumers around the world. Still, this doesn’t mean that it is going to be good for you. It caters to a unique subset of the population that wants to avoid aluminum and protect the environment. Despite containing safer ingredients, the formulas are powerful enough to keep the user dry and fresh all day. The price may be steep, but this deodorant will be worth it in the long run.

Native is a reputable brand meaning you shouldn’t worry too much about experimenting with its deodorants.


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